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Beach Basketball® is an exciting, non-stop action game played in the sand by athletes & families worldwide. The game was born more than four decades ago in Gulf Shores, Alabama. This modified version of basketball, invented by Philip Bryant, has grown from a tremendously effective skill improvement game to a very popular, widespread & competitive sport.


How to Play

Beach Basketball® USA 
A guide to playing our sport before you step foot in the sand.

Beach Basketball® USA offers a variety of different events! 

-Our Camps and Combines help to develop a player's individual skill and athleticism which WILL in turn translate to playing on the hardwood.

-Our 3v3 Tournaments add a team aspect that is needed and requires everyone to work together both offensively and defensively.

- Lastly, our 3 Point Shootouts and Dunk Contests bring in the excitement that we all love to share!

Whether you are looking to get better, have fun, or get in shape... a Beach Basketball® USA event is the place for you!



Beach Basketball®USA 

3v3 World Championships


Gulf Shores, AL Public Beach

November 6, 2021

11 AM

This is our LAST event this season!

Sign your team up TODAY with the link below!


Beach Basketball Apparel