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Updated: Oct 22, 2020

The Reward of Teamwork “Follow the Wave©”

Teamwork takes on many forms in sports….from the principles and skill acquisition in training to the execution of being connected in competition with teammates. We continually strive to adapt, change to enhance and identify levels of training that seek the best results so teams win. Teamwork…are there a sport that has a set of rules that creates extreme levels of teamwork where NO one player dominates the game, the set or the match….yes there is…and that sport is Beach Basketball®…“Follow the Wave” …here is the proof

Beach Basketball® has NO dribbling which automatically creates “ball movement” via the pass which allows players to share “the ball”, shake, hustle & cut to create spacing between them and their opponent…Beach Basketball® rewards and develops ultimate levels of Teamwork, building selfless competition and thus increasing team skill which beats talented skill especially when talent is not a team. Playing on a round court with no out of bounds enables players to play 360 around the goal which always bring players and the action to a “Centered Point” which in Teamwork is the ultimate mastery of designed proficiency…can I have all Teammates focus on the centered goal and achieve that goal…Beach Basketball® is a sport of ultimate teamwork and the reward of teamwork is unity within that game, unity within your community, unity within your schools, unity within your nation…we want you to… “Follow the Wave” of Beach Basketball®… be a teammate in life…unite…Don’t settle for average…”Follow the Wave”…chase greatness…be a teammate in life…to all.

Look weekly for more Beach Basketball® Coaches Corner Blogs from founder and inventor of Beach Basketball®…

Coach Philip Bryant

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